Group Bookings

Planning a wedding, family reunion or just have a larger group then what our three or four bedrooms will accommodate?

Many of our rentals have other properties that are attached or are within about a mile of another property.  Please contact us directly and we can help you to find the best fit for your group.  Additional discounts may also be given when multiple properties are booked.

You have lots of things to plan and do...

Let us help you to ensure your guests have a comfortable place to stay during their visit to Alaska.


We have a few suggestions for you to look at when trying to house a large group. 

The Jewel Lake Properties- Jewel Lake B is our largest with four bedrooms plus a pull out sofa bed, sleeping up to 10.  Jewel Lake A is attached to Jewel Lake B and is a two bedroom, sleeping an additional 4 comfortably.  We can also offer the Jewel Lake Mother-In-Law (also attached) which is a two bedroom, 1 bath and can be rented with either of the other two accommodating up to 4 guests.  (JLMIL is not listed online- please inquire) Just a short walk away is the Jewel Lake APT, a lovely one bedroom with a pull out sofa bed and futon, accommodating up to 6.  Please note:  These units are all private and individual units with completely separate amenities.  TOTAL Guests at the Jewel Lake Properties= 24  Area of Town- Jewel Lake/Arlene

Campbell Creek B, Campbell Creek A, Salmon Run A, Salmon Run B-- These are two side-by-side duplexes that are next door to each other.  They are very popular and book fast so be sure to contact us if you are needing several of them at the same time.  TOTAL Guests between all 4 Properties- 24 in beds/ 32 Using Airbeds  Area of Town: Campbell Park (Central Anchorage Near Lake Otis/50th)

Forget-Me-Not 1 and 2- This is a duplex property with a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath and a 2 Bedroom, 1 bath.  Total Guests- 10-12  Area of Town: Airport Heights (Close to Downtown)

Alpenglow- Alpenglow is a large single family home with 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths.  Total Guests- 12-14  Area of Town:  S. Anchorage (Abbott/Lake Otis)

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