Location Map

We understand the importance of the property location in planning which property you wish to book with us.  While we do not give out the exact property location until we have first spoke with you or you have booked with us, we hope that offering a general area will be helpful in your planning process.  Please call us if you need more information.

Campbell Park (Central Anchorage)
Campbell Creek Duplex A & B (3 Bedrooms)
Salmon Run A & B (3 Bedroom)

Huffman/ O'Malley (SE Anchorage)
Alpenglow (5 Bedrooms)
O'Malley Condo (3 Bedrooms)

Sand Lake/Jewel Lake (SW Anchorage)
Jewel Lake B (4 Bedroom)
Jewel Lake A (2 Bedroom)
Jewel Lake MIL (2 Bedroom)
Jewel Lake Apt. (1 Bedroom)
Blackberry (3 Bedroom)

Airport Heights (Central/East Anchorage/ Near Downtown)
Forget-Me-Not #1 (3 Bedroom)
Forget-Me-Not #2 (2 Bedroom)

Russian Jack/Northeast (East Anchorage/ Near Base)
Eastside Charmer (2 Bedroom)

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